DU trains on "Turnitin" software, which permits checking similarities between research works

DU: June 6, 2023 (P.I.R): Skill development training is given on the "Turnitin" software, which aims to check the similarity of research papers. The training is given to postgraduate lecturers, journal board members, thematic leaders, and research council members (ad hoc).
The training was organized in cooperation with the Dilla University Research and Technology Transfer Vice President's office, the Directorate of Research and Dissemination, and the Postgraduate School.
Dr. Habtamu Temesgen (Associate Professor), Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer at Dilla University, said: "Including Dilla University and Addis Ababa University, the software was jointly purchased by 14 universities".
Dr. Habtamu added that this software is internationally recognized and recommended for use by researchers and teachers at universities.
According to Dr. Habtamu, it is praiseworthy that the university subscribed to this software even with the expenditure of much hard currency.
Misganaw Legesse (PhD), a delegate director of the Directorate of Research and Dissemination at Dilla University, described the software as world-class and accepted internationally.
He also amplified the fact that it can identify similarities with billions of internet sources and documents around the world.
Dr. Misganaw explained that, in the past, there was no such software at the university level, which was a problem for researchers and teachers, but now the ease of use of this software allows them to do their original work.
Getaneh Mossu (PhD), Dean of the Postgraduate School at Dilla University, said that the software is well accepted at the global level and will make a big contribution to researchers in creating and producing original works. This also prevents copying and pasting other people's academic papers from internet sources.
According to the organizers, since the software monitors conducted research from different institutions, works available online, and documents produced in various universities, it has a significant contribution to the production of quality research works.
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