Dilla University Faculty Members visit University of Turin-Italy

DU: 19 May 2023 (P.I.R): The faculty members’ visit was held as part of a joint cooperation agreement between Dilla University, Ethiopia and the University of Turin, Italy. Three teachers and researchers from Dilla University are conducting the visit from May 6–19, 2023, at the University of Turin.
As a higher education institution, Dilla University signs national and international collaborations with various institutions to be effective in its missions. It was stated that the visit of the teachers and researchers from DU to the University of Turin in Italy is part of this mission.
According to the mutual agreement signed by the two universities in 2012, Ethiopian Calendar, they have an agreement to conduct an exchange of faculty members and students with financial support from the Erasmus exchange fund.
As part of the agreement, three faculty members from Dilla University, such as the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer (Acting), Dereje Keflie (Ph.D.), the head of the Institute of Indigenous Studies, Mr. Tesfatsion Petros, and Ongaye Oda (Ph.D.), are conducting discussions and visits at the University of Turin.
During their stay in Italy, the DU delegates presented research papers and introduced the academic and research activities of Dilla University and the Institute of Indigenous Studies. The professors, researchers, and postgraduate students from the University of Turin attended the conference.
The information sent to us from Dr. Dereje indicates that the Dilla University delegates have held effective discussions with the senior leaders of the University of Turin regarding bilateral cooperation.
According to the information, during their stay at the University of Turin, the delegates, apart from the visits and conferences, also discussed with the Ph.D. program students who went to study at the University of Turin for six months as exchange students from Dilla University.
The University of Turin is one of the oldest educational institutions in Italy and was founded 600 years ago, in 1404, according to the university's archives.
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