Background of Economics Program

The Department of Economics was first launched in 1953 with the objective of addressing the country’s trained human power shortage in the field of Economics. The program provides instruction on economic theories and a rigorous foundation in the analytical tools and applied areas of economics, relying on mathematical and statistical techniques.

As per the new policy of the Ethiopian government to mitigate the manpower shortage in this field of study the departments aspires  to produce qualified citizens who are going to participate in research and development, teaching and consultancy service that the economy demands and thereby contribute towards the fulfilment of the development policies and strategies of the country.  Therefore, its plan is to educate and train students in this field of specialization:

Depending on the needs assessment results, the current programme is found chiefly to lack the mathematical and computational skill the students need to acquire. Given the three years programme, however, it is hardly possible to incorporate the courses that can address the shortcomings. Despite this, minor adjustments are made to address the drawbacks to some extent.