Information Communication Technology

Background of DU ICT

Dilla University is the 1996’s Dilla College of Teachers’ Education and Health Sciences with Faculty of Teachers’ Education and Faculty of Health Sciences. However, in 2001, the College was included in the newly emerging University – Debub University. In 2004 Dilla College once again went through another phase and sprung into a fully- fledged University by the Councils of Ministers regulation No.129/04.

ICT center of Dilla University was established in 2006 as a computer center, by deploying dialup connection, out-reaching management offices. Lack of professionals characterizes the center, where instructors from mathematics and physics departments were assigned to manage and coordinate the office. It was later in 2007 that an optical fiber installation was activated, exploring almost all the buildings of the time. Despite the launched developments, its functionality and perpetuity was obstructed for lack of documentation to refer, and the temporary instability due to institutional partitioning from the Debub University. Ever since its establishment, the center has been working closely with different sections of the university to create awareness about ICT, providing various trainings for community of the University, and most importantly expanding network and Internet facilities and infrastructures for the University community.

The office is established as an ICT Directorate Office level with five major teams such as Infrastructure and Service, Business and Application Development, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Training and Consultancy, and Maintenance and Support teams. Hence, the office is organized by one Directorate Director and five team leaders together with their staff members.

Among these five teams, the Teaching/Learning Technologies (TLT) Team is one of them which enthusiastically committed itself to:

  • Plan, implement and manage E-learning infrastructure.
  • Work with the academic departments for course material preparation and uploading.
  • Plan, implement and manage Digital Library infrastructure.
  • Create the technical infrastructure within campuses, inter-campuses and inter-universities for video conferencing and Tele-education. 

Generally, the team is executing routine activities that include providing the technical assistances in the overall establishment and coordination processes of Smart Rooms to each department of the colleges, Institutes and schools. Besides these, the team has been striving to create digital teaching and learning environment through developing several Electronic Learning Systems that can enhance the accessibility of electronic resources, support academic departments in the overall course delivery and instructional processes through providing related training in collaboration with Training and Consultancy team. For instance, the Digital Library System is one of the system developed by ICT Directorate (particularly Teaching and Learning Technologies Team) to assist users access various softcopy reading materials at university level everywhere every time with any device. In the area of E-learning, the DU E-Learning System is on the way to be deployed so as to manage the courses, class schedules and other instructional processes.

In video conferencing areas there are several ongoing processes and projects which are being implemented in all campuses of Dilla University so as to establish inter-campuses and inter-universities communications via video conferencing and Tele-Education infrastructures.

Finally, on behalf of the Directorate Office our team welcomes you at anytime and anywhere for your constructive comments that can improve our service provision standards, quality and accessibility to its clients.


DU ICT Directorate Organization