Dilla University has conducted multi-stakeholder workshops on Genale-Dawa Strategic Basin Planning Project

DU 30 August 2021 (PIR) Preparation of Genale-Dawa Strategic Basin plan is one of the major projects undertaken by Dilla University in collaboration with the Basin Development Authority. The project also involves some of the senior professionals from Hawassa and Bule Hora Universities. 

In order to develop a far-reaching strategic plan, it is inevitably important to actively involve stakeholders from the beginning up until the full implementation of the basin plan. It is on this basis that the university has conducted consecutive multi-stakeholders workshops at Addis Ababa City [At Magnolia Hotel] and Robe town [Tokkumma hotel] on 24th and 26th August 2021, respectively. 

At the event, many concerned stakeholders from different Federal and regional government offices participated, and Ethiopian Basin Development Authority Director-General Dr. Adanech Yared address the participants to play their unreserved role for the success of the strategic plan preparation and implementation. 

Source: The Vice President Office for Research and Technology Transfer, Dilla University.