Educational Quality Assurance   Director Message

Dilla University is responsible to accomplish three interrelated missions: producing qualified human powerdue to that prepares knowledgeable, skilled and attitudinally mature graduates, generating research-based knowledge that supports development, and supporting community based development through its community service programs. It has been devising strategies towards meeting its vision which is becoming one of the top ten universities in East Africa. Due to these reason DU QA office can performed the good things in these university to strengthen the academic, research, community service through continuous auditing of the inputs, processes and outputs in these operations.  With this goal, the directorate performs two forms of academic auditing. The first is auditing of everyday routines through everyday supervisions. This kind of auditing is done by college quality coordinators and aimed at providing instant or quick feedbacks. The second is the annual auditing. The annual auditing is aimed at identifying gaps and proposing enhancement measures to be done in this office. The auditing was based on supervisions, observations and assessments made in academic year. The audit process generated data through the following methods. 

  1. Random supervision of classrooms and laboratories
  2. Discussions with directors, deans and department heads at different times
  3. Discussions with members of student council
  4. Discussion with community representatives
  5. Observation in the  libraries and ICT centers
  6. Campus Observations and others

 Generally the main objective of this office is quality improvement, quality control   and assurance of accountability. While it also pays attention to control and accountability, aiming at guaranteeing the quality of the services provided to society through teaching, research, dissemination and consultancies process of the university and  quality assurance office was collaboratelly to work with all other  offices.

Structure of our office employers’

  • One director, two v/ directors and eight college coordinators.

  • Profile of office employees
Name of Employee
Phone No
1 Nardos Elias Quality Assurance Director 0939350744
2 Abiy  Regassa NCS College Coordinator 0910875458
3 Biruh Tesfahun Agri &N  College Coordinator 0916105702
4 Gebre  FB College Coordinator 0911562196
5 Moges  Dagne Social Science &Humanity College Coordinator 0913141591
6 Eyob  Awegicho  Law  College Coordinator 0912893226
7 Abriham Ayele IEBS College Coordinator 0926068256
8 Gosaye Zerihun E&T College Coordinator 0930903665
9 Misrach  Zerfu Health Science College Coordinator 0911812615

We are grateful for your contributions and visiting us

Bekele Menegsha (PhD)


Nardos   Elias, (Msc)in sport management

Director, Educational Quality assurance Directorate

Tele: +251 939350744: