Ethics and Anti –corruption Directorate


Dilla University Ethics and Anti –corruption Directorate is established based on Proclamation No 144/2000 in July in 1995 of the council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with overall duty of coordinating ethical issues and advising the president on such matters.


In cooperation with relevant bodies to ensure transparency and accountability in Dilla University operation by Promoting anti- corruption education, Preventing corruption and impropriety report corruption offences to the president and federal Ethics and anti- corruption commission.


  • Endeavor to create University employees who do not condone corruption by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, work ethic, professional ethics, conscience of serving the public and sense of duty among employees.
  • Prevent corruption and impropriety in the University.
  • Endeavor to cause acts of corruption and impropriety be exposed and investigated and appropriate actions be taken against the perpetrators


  • The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate is headed by a Director and eight experts.

Major activities of the Directorate are;

The Directorate recognizes and commits itself toward the pursuit of the vision, mission and value of the university. In light of this, the following are the main and/or focus areas of the office so as to ensure ethics and good governance in the university;

  • Conduct continuous awareness creation activities on University ethics and good governance issues; through different ways;
  • Ensure the overall system and sub-systems of the university are well established transparent and serving the purpose;
  • Engage all the university community in the fight against violation of ethics and corruption;
  • Build a university environment free of all kinds of malpractices;
  •  Carry out scientific investigations of the corruption symptoms and rent seeking tendencies in all campuses of the university;
  • Take corrective measures on committed corruption and/or unethical behaviors based on evidence.


  • The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate is accountable to the University President.


Dilla University Directorate Ethics and Anti-Corruption.

Mebrate Shiferaw, Director

Tel: 251+ 463311316/251+912122277

Office Address: DU, Oday’a Campus,