Engineering Values


  1. Innovation: The DU-CoET accommodates new ideas with open mind to benefit from them.
  2. Professionalism: The DU-CoET operates with the highest possible standards of professionalism, personal fulfillment, ethics and pursuit.
  3. Team spirit: The DU-CoET staff, students and community work together to realize our mission and vision.
  4. Emphasis to Quality: The DU-CoET believes that it can realize its vision through the highest of excellence in education, research, technology transfer, community service and good governance.
  5. Continual learning: The DU-CoET will continually learn from both its successes and failures.
  6. Partnership: the DU-CoET believes that its success or failure depends on its partner’s success or failure. Hence, in all our activities, we work together with our customers/stakeholders.
  7. Academic Freedom and Autonomy: The DU-CoET makes use of its academic freedom and institutional autonomy in order to improve its services and prevents its activities from being subjected to unnecessary or inappropriate interventions or misuse by its own members. Moreover DU-CoET respects for individual privacy, dignity, the right to personal choice, intellectual honesty, rigor in debate, and openness to alternative ideas and respect for other views, beliefs andopinions.
  8. Social Responsibility: The DU-CoET commits compassion, generosity and concern for the needs and aspirations of others, and in particular for the challenges faced by the less privileged in our society. It also emprise on respect and tolerance for cultural, religious, political, and other differences and acknowledgement of the value of diversity in society. It concerns for the personal safety, health and welfare of all members of the community through protection and conservation of the environment and our natural resources.
  9. Transparency and Public Accountability: The DU-CoET is accountable to its university and stakeholders by providing clear and open records of all of its operations. It commits truth, fairness, consistency, and integrity in both academic and other work, and in all personal and institutional relationships.
  10. Committed Leadership: The DU-CoET leadership is dedicated to excellence and has a strong will to succeed and excel in its endeavors. It is characterized by the integrity and competence needed to accomplish its mission and a resolute focus on the strategic issues.
  11. Equity and Equality: Equal opportunities and procedures for all are in place, including female empowering and representation in all academic ranks, management position and decision making levels