Message of Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

In 21st Century, especially for developing countries like Ethiopia the nexus between research and technology transfer is so pertinent than ever. With the intention to become a research University, Dilla University (DU) has given due emphasis to research, community service and technology transfer. It will vigorously involve in generation and incubation, transfer of appropriate technologies and knowledge and partnering with stakeholders on problem-solving research that will stimulate national economic growth. These mandates are organized at a Vice President level in order not only to enhance research but also to connect and extend research undertakings to the local community and industry problems. Staff members of the University devote at least 25% of their time on doing research and community service to support the teaching-learning process and to solve modern-day societal problems.

Currently, the University undertakes numerous small scale researches, innovative technology transfer projects, various projects with national and international funding with medium and thematized research projects and other community service and development projects.

Generally, VPRTT Office has the aim of addressing societal development needs through demand driven research, community services and engagement, and technology transfer as per the policy directions of the country. Accordingly, it has the mission of: promoting and enhancing problem solving researches, innovations, technology transfer and consultancy services that shall cater to the development needs of the society and policy imperatives of the country; Facilitating the commercialization of technologies for the benefit of the industry, the university and the public at large; and Providing innovative community services to the nearby communities of the university by developing research strategic plan very soon.

I would like to thank all those supporting us and contributing to our effort to realize DU mission and also thank you for visiting our web.    

Firehiwot Endale, PhD
Vice President, Research & Technology Transfer
Tele: +251 930507192: P.O. Box 419