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Research and dissemination

Habtamu Temesgen, PhDRDO aspires Dilla University to be one of the foremost research universities in Ethiopia by 2030, for which, it has a mission of solving societal and environmental problems by conducting demand-driven, multidisciplinary and participatory research  that would contribute to the wellbeing of wider society and spur development of the country. Intended visions focuses on finding solutions to the urgent and emerging problems and demands of the society that could be achieved through multidisciplinary research for knowledge generation, adaption/adoption, transfer and advancement of technologies suitable for enhancing the wellbeing of the nation.

Currently, DU’s research is based on the prioritized thematic research areas and demand-driven topics within UIL framework. All academic and research staff should actively and responsibly participate in the research activities keeping all the good research merits: multidisciplinary, participatory, original, scientific, problem-solving and need to adhere to relevant professional code of ethics. DU through its appropriate structure shall build capacity of researchers and provide adequate time and facilities needed for research activities and publication skills. The university management and researchers are responsible for ameliorating shortages and creating more conducive environment for quality research practices. Conducive environment created will motivate all parties involved in research and foster open exchange of ideas in the university. The research process shall encourage the joint research among colleges/institute with appropriate inter-college/institute collaboration and with other national and international stakeholders and donors.

To disseminate its research findings to end users, the university regularly publishes Ethiopian Journal of Environment and Development and disseminates information through proceedings of Annual Research forum and sporadically hosts workshops organized focusing on contemporary issues. A comprehensive research monitoring and evaluation shall be regularly conducted to assess how well the researchers met the set research objectives. Researchers are expected to submit the outcomes of the research activities as per the contractual agreement and all partners and researchers in DU need to be honest with respect to their actions in research. They must refrain from misconducts which are characterized by fabrication or falsification of research data and results; plagiarism, breach of confidentiality, misuse of research funds,  illegal or unauthorized use of University property, and infringement of University’s rules on intellectual goods and guidelines. Any alleged research misconduct will be considered as a serious offence by the university.

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Habtamu Temesgen, PhD (read more)
Director, Research & Dissemination Directorate
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