Brief background

Ethiopia is the motherland of Coffee Arabica. It is endowed with a rich variety of coffee and its diverse origins. Ethiopian coffee is rich with original flavor and aroma because of the geographical factors (altitude, soil, temperature, rainfall, topography, and ecology), genotypic and cultural variety. Coffee has been growing in Ethiopia for thousands of years, mainly in the forests of southwestern highlands. [Read-More]

Vision and Mission

YCRTI aspires to become a Center of Excellence in coffee research and training in East Africa. The mission of the institute is undertaking innovative research and practice-oriented trainings that enhance coffee yield, quality and marketing to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers in DU vicinity. [Read-More]

Quality policy

Yirgacheffe Coffee Research and Training Institute (YCRTI) involves interdisciplinary professions in which seven different research case teams established seven sub-disciplines such as Coffee Improvement and Tissue Culture, Coffee Soil and Plant Nutrition, Coffee Plant Protection, Agronomy and Physiology, Coffee Post-harvest Management and Quality Analysis, Coffee-Agroforestry and Geospatial analysis, and Coffee Socio-economics and Extension. [Read-More]

Our services

  • Quality research activities
  • Creation of strong national coffee platform
  • Community services for coffee farmers residing in DU vicinity