Among the untapped aesthetic attractions of the WBEG is the mosaic charismatic biodiversity in the enchanting escarpment. The highly valued ecosystem, the environmental capital and diverse indigenous flora (and fauna) could be exploited in a tourism- smart and ecologically-sound manner.


Much has been documented on the fact that Ethiopia is one of the Gardens of biodiversity. Yet, a scientific investigation, be it applied or basic, on the diverse potentials of the mosaic ecology calls for focused attention. [Read-more]

Child Garden- Introduction

Dilla University Botanical and ecotourism garden was established in 2017 for the purpose of conservation, research, and education and recreation value. Its site is located 1km north-east of Dilla town and 1.5km north to Dilla University main campus.  The site is located west corner of Dilla town, Sesa sub city in odaya kebele between main and Odaya campus of dilla University. [Read-more]


  • Despite the conjugal bond of people with nature, there is an eminent threat of natural resources degradation due to man-made and natural causes which exacerbate the protracted struggle against poverty.
  • Among the damages caused by man and nature are the accelerated genetic erosion and the destruction of heterogonous ecology.
  • Thus, the threat of extinction and the degradation of the once pristine landscape have to be combated through in-situ conservation of live plants in their natural habitat.