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Ethiopia is developing rapidly. As a consequence, its population is also growing rapidly. Industrial development and population growth have increased Ethiopian energy, water, and other resource needs substantially and threaten its environment. The challenge now is: to meet the national energy needs and development aspirations without compromising environmental safety. This could be achieved by focusing on renewable alternative energy sources.

The current use of renewable energy sources in Ethiopia is still limited in spite of its vast potential. However, with rising concerns for energy security & environment protection there is revival of interest to look for new and sustainable sources of energy. In line with this Ethiopia is doing its level best towards using renewable energy sources such as hydro electric power in particularly. Cognizant of such national effort, Dilla University has also established a research center called Energy and environment so as to contribute to the national endeavor.

The major motivations for the establishment of the energy and environment research center at Dilla University are outlined below:

  • The ever green agro forestry, climate condition and the blooming coffee production industries of Gedeo zone are potential sources of huge biomass that would serve as a source of alternative energy. In the southern part of Ethiopia almost 171,000 tons of processed coffee is supplied to the international market per year. During the process, more than 20,000 tons of residue coffee husk is disposed of. This represents a very good potential for biomass energy (Sileshi et al. 2013).
  • The demand for high quality and efficient energy production in the country which is achievable through research and development in renewable energy sector. 
  • Pollution reduction, waste management and organic farming are critical for promoting clean production and for minimizing risks arising due to unpredictable environmental changes.


  • To conduct innovative research in renewable energy resources which facilitate shift from non-renewable energy resource towards clean, environmentally friendly and more efficient renewable energy systems.
  • Produce alternative energy sources applicable at grassroots level and disseminate to the community.
  • To conduct innovative research towards mitigating chemical pollution, climate change and advocating organic farming.
  • Generate new knowledge on energy and environment for better life.
  • Create international links for better quality research and training in the area of energy and environment.


To see the research center being one of the five premier energy and environment research centers in Ethiopia by 2025.  

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