Dilla University

School Dean Message

Welcome to Dilla University Law School webpage! Our law School is very young in terms of age. However, on its achievement it is greatly flourishing and is pursuing to become center of excellence in teaching-learning, conducting problem driven researches and engage in community based services. On this aspect, I am proud to proclaim that it has got enormous results since its commencement in 2006. It produces competent legal professionals who work for the prevalence of rule of law, democracy, constitutionalism, human rights, good governance, tolerance, social justice and development. It endeavors to train and graduate legal professionals to meet the ever increasing needs of the Ethiopian society in the field of law.  Moreover, our law school produces vibrant research community so as to generate knowledge through research and publication. It also generates graduates who could promote community based activities to tackle pressing socio-legal problems.          

Our students learn, through student centered teaching methodology, how to think about the law by actually practicing it. Specifically, out of hypothetical or real cases, they train to draft briefs, to negotiate with opposing counsel, and argue cases in court. Under the auspices of the Free Legal Aid Center, students provide free legal advocacy, draft legal documents for people with disability, for prisoners, for women and children, for the helpless senior citizens and other vulnerable individuals and the poor as a general. 

As a Dean of the Law School, I am deeply committed to maintaining and mounting the school to realize its vision of becoming one among the ten best Law Schools in East Africa by 2023. Furthermore, I am committed to nurturing and sustaining the special understanding among the staff, students and among themselves. I, therefore, invite you to explore our webpage, work with our School in research, training, Legal Aid and other community service projects.

Gebremeskel Hailu

Dean and Lecturer of Law