Our Partners and Collaborators

The school has been running its duties in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental institutions. Among others; Ministry of Justice, the SNNPR Supreme Court, Legal System Research Institute (JLSRI), Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Higher Education Strategic Center (HESC) and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission are the major ones.

Free legal aid

Fair and equal justice is the major concern of our democracy that we cannot take for granted, our laws guarantee basic rights and protection for all of us – not just those who can afford to hire a lawyer, as the saying goes, “Justice ties the fine outfit of the rich with the shabby garment of the poor.” Both Ethiopian Constitution (Art 37) and international covenants to which Ethiopia is a party provide that people have the right to have access to justice; and that the access has to be equal despite differences in economic, cultural and social background. Peoples’ rights to human rights in general, and rights to due process and fair hearing in particular, should not depend on the depth of their pocket.

However, justice has never been equal for the poor majority who are unable to hire a lawyer. This makes justice a luxurious commodity that can be bought and sold, and only available for the transaction of the rich. The situation is worse when women who are victims of domestic violence, children who are abused by trafficking and other ill treatments, prison inmates whose constitutional rights are violated, HIV/AIDS victims who are stigmatized, and veterans who are weak to claim their social benefit are unable to seek and enforce their rights. Dilla University Legal Aid Center was established to bridge the gap between access to justice and indigence.

The Center utilizes volunteers who study law at the University and the Law School academic staff. The Center also hires service providers with a nominal salary at times when it is difficult to fully rely on volunteers. Please keep on exploring the website for more information about our free legal services.


Dilla university law school legal aid center does not assist people only when they are already in trouble but also assists them not to get themselves into trouble through its different legal awareness schemes. In addition to the legal education the Center broadcasts to millions of audiences on radio for the future, it also organizes trainings and workshops.

Trainings by qualified legal professionals were, and will be, offered to:

Besides, different workshops on different real legal problems which are identified in the course of rendering legal service were, and will continue to be, organized by the Center.