Dilla University


As part of its community service, the School has established Free Legal Aid Centre in Dilla Town since October, 2010. The centre was founded in collaboration with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission that has extended financial support to accomplish its goals. The Centre provides free legal aid services for the community, in particular to the disadvantaged sections of the society who have not the financial capacity to hire private attorneys by themselves. By doing so, the centre strives for ensuring access to justice for the community, notably women, senior citizens, children, persons with disabilities and HIV positive individuals. In addition, the service contributes a lot in redressing human rights violation and injustice suffered by citizens.

Currently, the School has engaged in giving training for Bachelor of Law (LL. B) students in three different programs (Regular, Weekend and Summer Programs).

Mission and Vision

1. Mission

The School of Law has the mission of contributing towards the intellectual and social conditions of Ethiopia by providing equitably accessible quality of legal education and training programs through teaching, research and community service to prepare competent and responsible members of the legal profession who actively contribute towards rule of law, democracy, human rights, good governance, social justice, equity, tolerance and development.


The School of Law has the vision of upraising the standard and quality of legal education to the level of leading law schools in other countries, and becoming one of the top ten law schools in east Africa by 2023. It strives towards preparing graduates through; teaching-learning, research and community service who will have optimum impact in the development of democracy, good governance and social justice in Ethiopia.

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