Dilla University School of Law was launched as a department in 2007. In 2008, a year after its establishment, it quickly transformed to School level. Since its inception the School has proven very popular, beginning its academic activities with 55 students in its very first year. As a result of valuable support from our staff and the University management structure we have been able to enjoy a rapid state of development within the last 8 years.

Vision and Mission

1. Vision

The School of Law has the vision of upraising the standard and quality of legal education through teaching-learning, research and community services to the level of leading law schools in other countries, and becoming one of the top ten law schools in east Africa by 2023 to ensure optimum impact in the development of democracy, good governance and social justice in Ethiopia.

2. Mission

The School of Law has the mission of contributing towards the intellectual and social conditions of Ethiopia by providing equitably accessible quality of legal education and training programs through teaching, research and community service to prepare competent and responsible members of the legal profession who actively contribute towards rule of law, democracy, human rights, good governance, social justice, equity, tolerance and development.

Our Work

The School of Law at the Dilla University is one of the youngest academic units and as such we are still in the earliest stages of our development. Although we have been operational for less than eight years, we have rapidly evolved to a School that offers quality teaching, research and community services. We currently offer law courses at LL.B level through our regular and weekend and summer programs. At this time, 275students are attending in the regular program, 24 are enrolled in the weekend program whereas68students are enrolled in the summer program. 

The School currently employs twenty two (22) academic andfive (5) administrative staffs who collaboratively support our teaching, research and community service activities. In addition to our own staff, we involve Lecturers from Hawassa, Addis Ababa Universities as guest lecturers for different courses.

Our Law School is a member of Ethiopian Law Schools Association and has been chairing the Ethiopian Law schools’.

The School of Law has been able to develop and successfully coordinate a free Legal Aid Service to vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in Dilla and the surrounding areas. We also currently run a Moot Court Center in order to allow students to develop their legal advocacy skills. To find out more about these, please visit our community services page.